I was POOR. I Failed. I became RICH.

Overnight SUCCESS took long crazy JOURNEY

from INDIA

[TILL – 2006]


Worst student in class


Me too Engineer


Earned first salary in my life


Thought, selling books would be easy peasy


[2006 – 2010]

COLLEGE [ Continued and discontinued]

Entry ticket to London


I’m still the hairdresser for my whole family


Nothing to lose at this point


I smelled like garbage and dreamed like a millionaire


Secret treats inside huge silver doors


Extra cash


I thought this was my dream job


Downgrade in my earnings because of my blind love

Top reviews

A funny, surprising and encouraging journey

The Face of Failure is a very surprising, funny and encouraging biographical story, which is also a novel. Many astonishing things happend and they prove that almost everything depends on its point of view. While reading, sometimes I had to lough out loud, even at some serious topics. It’s a book which is hard not to read as fast as possible, because you are getting curious what happens next. Reading it is much fun, but it also can give advice for your own life with a big amount of humor.

An honest story that tells you how to be positive in adversity.

A brutally honest but mellifluous flow of the endearing journey of Afzal, which lays bare the hardships that educational migrants from a middle-class background face in a distant land. It was explained vividly that with the right support and love from the near and dear ones, we will be able to endure the Wintery times of our life, and that there will certainly be a Spring after the Winter and hence we should never loose hope in the face.

Exciting Biography!

This book is a great and realistic biography about a boy from India and his immigration experiences. He shows the challenges of starting your life somewhere new and also the pressure that comes up if you need to fullfill your family’s expectations back home. It’s an up to date topic as media, politicians and the society talk about immigration everyday. But this is not about escape from war as we hear it day by day but about a different kind of desire for better opportunities. It’s very easy to read. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad but always realistic.

”Do not hide it. Just face it”

It’s a fact that we all fail at some point in our life. But not many people have the guts to come forward to share their defeats. By nature, we always want to hide our weaknesses. Just like I did in my past.

Recently I came across a few stories that inspired me the most. They were stories about people who met all kinds of struggles on their journey to success. Since then I realised that stories of success are actually stories of failure. So I called this book ‘The Face Of Failure’.

Because failures are hidden treasures which can be a life-changing inspiration to all of us.
Sadly, billions of those stories are still untold. You have your own story of failure, I’m sure. Please share it to inspire others.